Learn Logo Design [LogoCore Masterclass]

Learn Logo Design [LogoCore Masterclass]


Course structure

There is a huge educational gap in the design industry. We had to learn everything the hard way, but it shouldn't be like that for you. We've designed a curriculum that teaches the required skills to work as a brand designer without spending a fortune on college courses. Each lesson will teach you a specific design theory, provide interactive assignments for practice, and then challenge you with realistic client projects to improve your visual problem-solving skills.

For Beginners
Scavenging through resources to find tidbits of information is wasted time that you’re not using to design. LogoCore’s curriculum was crafted to take an absolute beginner to an intermediate level for them to start accepting freelancing brand identity projects comfortably. Self-taught designers need to spend more time improving their art direction rather than lose precious time to software and workflow issues.

Join thousands of students in our best-selling course to learn logo design, presentation techniques, brand style guides, and logo animation to kickstart a career in brand design.

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Illustrator Workflows
Module 3 - Logo Design Theory
Module 4 - Realistic Project
Module 5 - Brand Style Guides
Module 6 - Design Presentations
Module 7 - Freelancing
Module 8 - Logo Animation (Bonus Training)


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